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"Across the Street" Proudly displayed in my favorite restaurant Maroni Cuisine of Northport

Micheal The Arc Angel  Oil on Canvas 24 x 30


This home portrait has been done in an impressionistic style.  The medium is oil on a 24 x 20 canvas.  There were no brushes used in the creation of this painting, only palette knives and fingers.  My client gave me artistic license to use a lot of color and I think I took full advantage of their request.  Using only different size palette knives creates interesting textures which is what I saw when photographing and sketching this home for preperation to paint.

The medium is oil on 36 x 24 linen cannvas.  The linen canvas is smoother allowing for greater detail.  This painting is done in a more realistic technique using various brushes.  My customer requested a realistic rendering of their home and they want more of the grounds included in the painting.  There were a couple of details that my client wanted to add to the painting that were not completed by the builder.  One example of this is the railing above the front door which creates a porch area.

Trompe Loeil "Wine Niche"

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Montauk - Gosmans Dock

Northport - Moored Seymours Boatyard

Montauk - Draggin Lady